About Us

Working with some of the world’s leading businesses, Lacuna improves Risk and Compliance Management, while lowering costs.


Lacuna Solutions was founded by Diana Downing, an industry leader who has held senior positions at the world’s biggest financial institutions. Over time, Diana could see an ever-increasing Lacuna, a gap, between what financial organisations were doing to manage risk and compliance, and a solution that would be efficient and cost effective for them. She saw the limitations of legacy systems. She also saw that existing providers find it impossible to adapt to the changing needs of their clients who are incurring more costs and spending more time — often with net risk and compliance unchanged, or worse.

Diana decided to address this, and brought together a leadership team with over 100 years’ collective experience. We believe that the team’s advanced technical expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with in-depth knowledge of wholesale and corporate banking as well as the regulatory environment is unparalleled. In 2013, with substantial private backing, the team began creating a platform that would change the game.


Lacuna understands the problems in Compliance and Risk – the excessive cost arising from duplicated efforts and inconsistent data between departments, unnecessary operational risk, organisational stress, and lost opportunities.

We listen to the problems that organisations face in their bids to become legally compliant, to meet more restrictive regulatory guidelines, and to manage risk.

We understand that legacy-solutions providers can exploit clients by overcharging and under delivering, with less-than-transparent solutions that do not adapt to meet the demands of new regulation.

We act to change this by finally closing the lacuna between Compliance and ‘The Business.’

Most importantly Lacuna leads by working in partnership with you.

Now Lacuna has delivered the first two modules of Lacuna ClientScope™ – BankCheck for Payment Repair and KYC Due Diligence, and ClientScope Link (ClientScope™ Legal Entity Identifier), an approach that brings together an organisation’s data on its corporate and investment banking clients from siloed departments to create a single view.

Our Solutions

The heart of the problem lies in data, technology and processes. Truly effective and cost-efficient Compliance and Risk Management requires:


Lacuna partners with some of the world’s most recognised names to deliver a 360° view of your clients. We have spent decades of our careers working with data, so we know the difficulties first hand.


With our artificial intelligence approach we seamlessly link, interpret and shape an organisation’s data, allowing for cross referencing through the use of a static ClientScope™ Legal Entity Identifier (CSLEID). We create ‘One record, many pictures.’


We combine data and technology to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients. With machine learning tools running in parallel, we continually improve our products.

How do we do it?

By bringing together some of the best minds in financial services and technology, we work with the world’s leading financial institutions. Pursuing this strategy tirelessly provides superior solutions that make your Compliance and Risk Management work.

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