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Support your correspondent banking community.

Your Company data in BankCheck

Support your correspondent banking community by sharing the latest key information of your entity required for KYC/AML/payments operations. This will contribute to robust and efficient due diligence procedures and enhanced client experience, providing secure, speedy and high quality services.  The information you provide will be published in ClientScope products such as BankCheck to be accessed by ClientScope’s correspondent banking community. Equally, information shared by other ClientScope users will be available to you when you access any ClientScope products.  

Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI)

Standard Settlement Instructions are the key information that enables financial institutions to receive and make payments in a specific currency or for a specific type of transaction. 

Please share your latest SSIs that banks use to make payments to your entity in the Excel file below and send it to

Documents required for KYC/AML Due Diligence

Please attach the following documents and email to

  • AML Policy
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • Extract from Commercial Register
  • W-8 BEN-E

For Banks Only:

  • Banking Licence
  • US Patriot Act Certificate (non-US banks only)
  • Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire

Key Contact Information

Contact information of teams that are in charge of various functions in banks such as Payments or Compliance to assist in the execution of their day-to-day operations, including resolution of payment transactions and/or KYC/AML enquiries.

Please share your key contact information in the file below and send it to

Free Trial Access Lacuna is also delighted to celebrate your participation by providing a month-long free trial access to our flagship product BankCheck*. If you already have access to BankCheck, why not invite  your colleagues? 

*BankCheck is a platform that provides secure access to a global database of banks and non-bank financial institutions. With extensive global banking data at your fingertips, it’s ideal for facilitating your due diligence, risk assessment and payment repair activities.