Lacuna’s ClientScope™ tools combine the latest technology and advanced data techniques with in-depth knowledge of wholesale and corporate banking. The result: banks and organisations have a complete 360° view of their clients.

An agile approach

Inflexible legacy systems and cost challenges restrict financial institutions and corporations as they attempt to deliver efficiency and transformational change – this is where Lacuna literally fills the gap. Our agile approach gives businesses the opportunity to select tools that can deal with specific needs.

Today BankCheck and ClientScope LINK™ are rapidly becoming the first choice of many of the world’s leading financial institutions, helping to make Compliance a positive force.


BankCheck is a simple, cost-effective solution for payment repair and Know Your Client due diligence. BankCheck combines graph database technology with linked open data, to link and store over 2.5 billion data items. Bankers built this advanced analytical framework for financial institutions with market-leading technology. The interface is easy to use, and streamlines the workflows of payments and KYC due diligence teams.

BankCheck’s data is world-class. Lacuna partners with leading data providers SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) for Standing Settlement Instructions (SSIs) for banks worldwide, and with Bureau van Dijk (a Moody’s Analytics Company) for company-level information. This means we offer you over 260 million legal entities, including financial reports, corporate ownership and hierarchies.

BankCheck’s speed and ease of use is unrivalled. Using BankCheck is as easy as using any of today’s popular tools and search engines, allowing you to kick start productivity.

BankCheck adapts to the way its users want to work.  It gives users the right to save and print documents as PDFs, export tables and charts to Excel, to print screens, and copy and store information on internal systems.


BankCheck Payments

Those responsible for payment repair can rely on BankCheck Payments for fast access to over one million SSIs. This will allow you to dramatically improve payment-processing cycles, and settlement certainty.


BankCheck Due Diligence

KYC and onboarding teams have access to over 150,000 Anti Money Laundering documents, 775,000 annual reports and 44,000 proofs of regulation, through BankCheck Due Diligence. Clients can source and download information from the documents for KYC and AML due diligence on new and existing clients, and counterparties.

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ClientScope LINK™

Lacuna ClientScope LINK™ uses Lacuna’s proprietary matching rules to link an organisation’s entity reference data with the matching CSLEID (ClientScope™ Legal Entity Identifier). With this in place, critical reference data has 24/7 access to the full power of the Lacuna linked-data universe, and the machine learning tools that keep it up to date.

ClientScope LINK™ is the key to unlocking immediate operational efficiencies. It is a static identifier that links a given legal entity to multiple large data sets and ultimately provides a 360° view of clients.

Lacuna’s data comes from trusted partners including Swift, Fitch and Bureau van Dijk (a Moody’s Analytics Company). The data are verified against multiple sources and enhanced by Lacuna’s directly-sourced data. ClientScope LINK™ can maintain reference data for SSIs, critical identifiers, KYC documentation, director changes, corporate actions and much more.

ClientScope LINK™ enables cost savings and efficiency because it involves less processing and fewer resources. When you join the ClientScope LINK™ Programme, Lacuna will work alongside you to ensure that you meet and beat your efficiency goals.

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Enquiry Research Information Centre (ERIC)

Lacuna’s proprietary secure support channel sits at the heart of the Lacuna ClientScope™. ERIC is there for users to raise requests, create reports, upload/download data and manage their user base. ERIC ensures any request goes directly to a team member who can quickly respond, while also providing a continual machine learning engine to underpin the Lacuna ClientScope™ tools. Lacuna is committed to client service that exceeds expectations. With Lacuna’s secure channel, all requests get answers, including product feature requests.

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