Trusted premium source for KYC and Payments information for the global banking community.

Our Data

All Lacuna products access the Lacuna data environment. The database comprises over 320 million legal entities with a special focus on 26 million financial institutions (banks and NBFI) and other related nonfinancial entities (including Ultimate Beneficial Owners). Our schema-less data environment quickly ingests new data sources globally and delivers the data in client-preferred data delivery format (i.e. API, FTP, Web apps).

Our data starts from authoritative sources including data partners such as Bureau Van Dijk (BvD) – a Moody’s Analytics company, SWIFT, Dow Jones, regulatory websites, business registries, the GLEIF, and company websites. Furthermore, thousands of Lacuna users at financial institutions worldwide constantly review and give feedback on our data. The data is cross-checked and combined to enrich and cleanse our database.  

A BankCheck profile is the best real time view of a bank’s KYC and Payments data and BankCheck is a trusted source of many banks’ Compliance departments.


BankCheck is empowering the global banking community as a trusted premium source for KYC and payments information. BankCheck is a platform that provides secure access to a global database of over 26 million financial institutions (including Ultimate Beneficial Owners) across Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) and Corporates. With extensive global banking data at your fingertips, it’s ideal for facilitating your due diligence, risk assessment, and payment repair activities.

BankCheck Due Diligence

You can make smarter, faster decisions while conducting your KYC client due diligence on new and existing banking clients and counterparties.

BankCheck Payments

BankCheck is an ideal solution for streamlining your payment repair processes.

BankCheck Watchlists

CS Watchlists is an additional module to CS BankCheck that provides PEPs, Sanctions, Watchlists, Special Interest Individuals, and Adverse Media Entities data in partnership with Dow Jones.

ClientScope API

Connect API provides access to KYC/AML due diligence and payment information of banks, financial institutions and corporates from Lacuna database. 

The solution allows clients to seamlessly integrate Connect API with client internal systems. It also provides the flexibility to choose the required data points and preferred data delivery method based on the business needs.

Regulation API

Lacuna provides access to entity regulation status collected from 200+ jurisdictions daily. 

Payment Optimisation Engine

Lacuna Payment Optimisation Engine enables clients to select and feed optimal payment routing data to banks’ internal payment systems on an automated basis.

Payments Validation API

Our payments validation API will provide testing capabilities to check and verify payment information to prevent payment failure.

Payments Lookup API

Our payments enhancement API will provide access to accurate and up-to-date payment information by clients inputting single or multiple data points in order to enhance payment instructions before the payments are instructed.