BankCheck is empowering the global banking community as a trusted premium source for KYC and payments information. BankCheck is a platform that provides secure access to a global database of over 26 million financial institutions (including Ultimate Beneficial Owners) across Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) and Corporates. With extensive global banking data at your fingertips, it’s ideal for facilitating your due diligence, risk assessment, and payment repair activities.

BankCheck Due Diligence

You can make smarter, faster decisions while conducting your KYC client due diligence on new and existing banking clients and counterparties. BankCheck makes it easy to verify your customer’s identity, nature of business and understand their management and corporate structure. It also helps you to identify potential risk.

    • Centralised Identify, verify and monitor your client with required KYC information consolidated in one place. 
    • Visible and Usable Increase information visibility and speed up your analyses with easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
    • High quality Access accurate and up-to-date data and documents required for KYC pulled from authoritative sources.
    • Traceable Track down data origins for transparency and auditability.
    • Empowered Raise queries and feedback through secure responsive support channel 'ERIC'. 


BankCheck Payments

BankCheck is an ideal solution for streamlining your payment repair processes. It gives you fast access to over 830,000 Standing Settlement Instructions (SSI). You can access an SSI through a quick link when searching for a Business Identifier Code (BIC) to save you time and allow quick identification and navigation between company pages and information.

    • Centralised Find required payment information for correspondent banking consolidated in one place. 
    • High Quality Access accurate and daily updated payment information (Swift SSIs and national clearing systems info).
    • Speedy Repair payments fast accessing payment information in one click.
    • Empowered Raise queries and feedback through secure responsive support channel 'ERIC'. 


BankCheck Watchlists

BankCheck Watchlists is an additional module to BankCheck that provides PEPs, Sanctions, Watchlists, Special Interest Individuals and Adverse Media Entities data in partnership with Dow Jones. This data module will assist Financial Crime Teams, KYC Due Diligence Specialists, and Compliance Professionals in their activities relating to anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, corruption, and economic sanctions regulations.

    • Centralised Access sanctions, watchlists and PEPs information linked to entity KYC information in one place.
    • Streamlined Build full risk profiles layered with sanctions, watchlist, and PEPs information without disrupting current workflow. 
    • Visible and Usable Increase risk visibility and deepen your analyses with easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
    • Empowered Raise queries and feedback through secure responsive support channel 'ERIC'. 


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